I Attempted The Reddit Sex Challenge And It Was Hard

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As someone who is always up for a challenge, I recently stumbled upon the 30 Day Sex Challenge on Reddit and decided to give it a try. The premise of the challenge is simple: have sex with your partner every day for 30 days. It sounded like a fun and exciting way to spice up my relationship, so I convinced my partner to join me in this endeavor.

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The Rules of the Challenge

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Before embarking on this challenge, my partner and I took some time to review the rules and guidelines that other Redditors had shared. The general consensus was that the challenge was meant to be a fun and lighthearted way to bring couples closer together, so we were excited to get started.

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The rules were fairly straightforward: we had to have sex every day for 30 days, and each day had a different theme or activity to try. Some of the themes included trying a new position, incorporating toys or role play, or even having sex in a new location. We were both eager to explore our sexuality and try new things, so we were ready to dive in.

The First Week: Excitement and Anticipation

The first week of the challenge was filled with excitement and anticipation. We were both eager to see what each day's theme would be, and we found ourselves looking forward to our nightly rendezvous. We tried new positions, experimented with different foreplay techniques, and even incorporated some light bondage into our routine.

The novelty of the challenge made our sex life feel fresh and exciting, and we both enjoyed the increased intimacy and connection that we were experiencing. We felt more connected to each other than ever before, and we were excited to see what the next three weeks had in store for us.

The Second Week: Fatigue and Routine

As we entered the second week of the challenge, we started to notice that the novelty was wearing off and the daily sex was starting to feel more like a chore. We were both feeling tired and worn out, and the pressure to perform every day was starting to take its toll on our relationship.

We found ourselves going through the motions rather than truly enjoying each other, and our once passionate encounters were starting to feel routine and lackluster. We were both feeling frustrated and exhausted, and we started to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew.

The Third Week: Communication and Compromise

By the third week, my partner and I knew that we needed to make some changes in order to salvage the challenge and our relationship. We sat down and had an open and honest conversation about how we were feeling, and we both agreed that the pressure to have sex every day was causing more harm than good.

We decided to modify the challenge to better suit our needs and desires, and we came up with a compromise that allowed us to still explore our sexuality without feeling overwhelmed. We agreed to have sex every other day instead of every day, and we also decided to focus on quality over quantity.

The Final Week: Reflection and Growth

As we entered the final week of the challenge, my partner and I both felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. While the challenge had been more difficult than we had anticipated, it had also brought us closer together and allowed us to grow both individually and as a couple.

We had learned the importance of communication, compromise, and prioritizing our own needs and desires. We had also discovered new things about each other and our relationship, and we felt more connected and in tune with each other than ever before.

In Conclusion: The 30 Day Sex Challenge was a Rollercoaster Ride

In conclusion, the 30 Day Sex Challenge was a rollercoaster ride of excitement, fatigue, communication, and growth. While the challenge had its ups and downs, it ultimately brought my partner and I closer together and allowed us to explore our sexuality in new and exciting ways.

We learned the importance of communication and compromise, and we discovered the value of prioritizing quality over quantity in our sex life. While the challenge may not have been easy, it was definitely worth the effort, and I would encourage other couples to give it a try. Who knows, it might just bring you closer together in ways you never imagined.